Communication Center Upgrade

Do you ever wonder where the money goes when you pay the E9-1-1 service charge on your phone bill? The money makes its way to Homeland Security and comes back to local Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP’s) throughout the state

The current equipment was 17 years old and was original to the building. O’Brien County Sheriff, Allen Schuknecht, Emergency Management Director, Jarod Johnson, and the E911 Service Board worked together to plan and design the upgrade.  The project was paid for entirely by 911 surcharge funds and no O’Brien County property tax monies were used.

Careful planning had to be done to make sure that there would be no loss of service while the project was being completed. The first step was to set up a backup dispatch unit in the basement.

Work then began on dismantling 1 of 2 dispatch positions. Carpet and tile was installed by Northwest Iowa Décor from Sheldon.  All of the wiring for the communication center run beneath the floor so carpet squares were used allowing for easy access. Once the new console, monitors and radios were installed the process was repeated for the second position

The 911 console furniture is made by Evans and was purchased from Racom. Alpha Wireless from Spencer completed the radio install.

O’Brien County Information Technology (IT) Tony Untiedt, and maintenance Randy Thompson and Dan Gay played a key role in the installation process. The project was completed without any major problems.  O’Brien County Sheriff Allen Schuknecht would like to thank the 911 Service Board for their vision and support with this project.  The vendors and technicians did an excellent job.

A special thanks to the employees at the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office for making this project a success.  Photos will be updated as the finishing touches are completed.