June 19, 2024 Sheriff’s Sale

The property as listed in the Notice of Sheriff’s Levy and Sale attached below will be sold at Sheriff’s sale on June 19, 2024 at 12:15 p.m.  The sale will take place in the lobby of the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office.  Successful bidder should be prepared to pay for the property at the time of the sale by certified check or cashier’s check from their lending institution.


*NOTE*  This is a General Execution therefore we will be selling “All right, title, and interest of the defendant” to this property.  The winning bidder will receive a certificate of purchase the day of the sale- NOT a Sheriff’s Deed.  The defendant has a one year right of redemption to the property.  Interested bidders should consult with an attorney prior to bidding.  Any questions please contact Lt. Steve Vander Veen at (712) 957-3363.