Monday, September 30, 2019

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

5:00 – 7:00 p.m.

************ THE SALE WILL TAKE PLACE AT:  1220 2ND AVE, SHELDON **************


The O’Brien County Sheriff will sell the property to the highest bidder.  The minimum bid to be accepted will be $30,000.  The successful bidder must pay by cashier’s check and will be given a Quit Claim Deed and abstract to the property.  Questions about the sale can be directed to the O’Brien County Engineers Office at 712-957-3425.

O’Brien County Fireworks Information


The July 4th holiday will be here soon.  We have collected information from the towns in the county and have listed their ordinances pertaining to fire works.  We have also included a copy of the Iowa State law that details what is permitted in areas not covered by a city ordinance and provided a copy of the description of what is considered Consumer Fireworks.  The O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office will strictly enforce the fireworks law within the county this holiday season.  Fireworks are only allowed at specific times on specific days.  Please read the ordinances and see what rules apply to your situation.  If you have any questions contact your local law enforcement agency.  Take a few minutes and review the following safety tips and have a safe and happy 4th of July.  Sheriff Allen Schuknecht

State of Iowa Code 727.2 Fireworks   

Iowa Code 100.19 Consumer Fireworks

City of Archer

City of Calumet – no City Ordinance – Follow State law.

City of Hartley

City of Paullina

City of Primghar

City of Sanborn

City of Sheldon

City of Sutherland






Jennifer Langenfeld Celebrates 25 years with the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office

On April 4th Jennifer Langenfeld celebrated 25 years with the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office.  Her daughter, Molly arranged a surprise party that was attended by friends, family, and coworkers.  Jennifer has been a very valuable asset to the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office.  Her dedication and commitment to her job is reflected in her work.  Thank you Jennifer for 25 years!

Terry Langenfeld (Jen’s husband) Jennifer, and Sheriff Allen Schuknecht
Jennifer Langenfled and Sheriff Allen Schuknecht
Terry Langenfeld, Jennifer, and Sheriff Allen Schuknecht










Peg Noack (O’Brien County Dispatcher, retired) Terry and Jennifer










Wow!!! That’s a lot of time!!

O’Brien County Flood Assistance Information








Water is starting to recede in the county and clean up is beginning.  EMA Coordinator, Jared Johnson stated that there is a 45 day deadline for making applications.  His concern is for those people that winter away from O’Brien County and may not be aware of damage to their home.  If you know someone that has been gone for an extended time, reach out to them and make sure they have someone checking on their home.


FY 18 Trust Fund Brochure

The end date for the Iowa Individual Disaster Assistance Grant Program is April 29, 2019.

Iowa Individual Disaster Assistance Grant Program Application

If seniors are needing assistance they may contact Elderbridge at: 800-243-0678

You can reach the O’Brien County EMA Director, Jared Johnson at 712-957-4305 or email: jjohnson@obriencounty.org


May 14 2018 Bicycle Safety at South O’Brien

The O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office has worked with the South O’Brien Elementary School to provide bike safety for over 25 years.  Primghar Community School wanted to have their third grade students receive proper bike safety and reached out to Sheriff Michael Anderson (retired) to help them.  What started with Primghar Community School has continued with South O’Brien.  Deputies go into the classroom and give instructions on proper bike safety and using correct hand signals.  In late 1990’s the Primghar Ambulance team approached the Primghar Jaycees to provide bike helmets for all third grade students.  The helmets are purchased through Sheas True Value in Primghar and as part of Bike Safety Day each third grade student is fitted by Primghar Ambulance team members with a helmet.  This year, Deputy Bradley Stevens and Deputy Timothy Rohrbaugh taught the bike safety class.  The O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office is proud to be a part of this great program.

Pictured below are a few pictures from the day.

South O’Brien Fingerprinting day

February 16, 2018

In the early 1980’s the Primghar Community School working with the Primghar Jaycees invited the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office into the school to fingerprint the elementary students.  That first year, with parents permission the entire elementary was fingerprinted.  Each year after that, the second grade would be fingerprinted and any students that were new or had missed were fingerprinted.  In the early years the fingerprints were stored in the First National Bank basement but now the prints are sent home with the parents for safe keeping.  There has been one occasion where the fingerprints were needed to help identify a student that was involved in a traffic fatality.







This year the tradition continues, Sheriff Allen Schuknecht is shown here with a few of the second graders (L-R) Andie Gay, Addison Triplett and Trevor Hogan

RAGBRAI rolls through O’Brien County

RAGBRAI (Registers Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa) came through O’Brien County on Sunday.  Traveling on Highway 10, the first town stop was in Paullina, they headed north to Primghar and then east to Hartley.  A gravel route also took some riders through Sutherland.  The weather was great and a good time was had by all.  Each one of these towns put in a tremendous amount of time planning for this one day event and kudos to all the volunteers that put in so many hours.  Here are a few pictures.