wpa9d13ac0_06Our office has trained Communications Operators that handle all 911 and non-emergency calls, as well as dispatching Sheriff, police, fire and ambulance units to all calls for service. The dispatch center is operational 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Communications Operators use a Computer Aided Dispatch system, which maintains and coordinates the various public safety response units. All Operators are certified through the State of Iowa to operate the Iowa/NCIC system that is utilized for accessing data bases that contain a computerized index of documented criminal justice information. Law Enforcement dispatch is not just a matter of putting in an application, getting the job, and going to work. This is a specialized field and requires mandatory training. Once an operator is certified they are also required to take yearly classes.

We have 2 fully operable positions. Communications Division handles all 911 emergency and non-emergency calls for service within both the rural unincorporated areas and the cities within the county. Our Communication Operators work with the Jail Division assisting in helping maintain the integrity and security of the jail as well as Matron duty as needed.

If you have an emergency please call 911 or for non-emergency or administrative calls please call 712-757-3415 or 712-957-3415 or click to email.


Full time operators:

Marsha Southwick, Supervisor,  serving since 1980
Jennifer Langenfeld – serving since 1994
Sherri Boogerd – serving since 2016
Mikayla Howe – serving since 2016
Paige Poppema – serving since 2021




Part-time operators:

Becky Tjossem – serving since 2012

Alexandria Ervine – serving since 2021

Samantha Kooiker – serving since 2022