The O’Brien County Jail, built in 2000,  has 42 beds in General Population and can hold 10 detainees in the holding area while waiting for court or transport. Our facility employs 11 full time jailers. The jail is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The Jail is a secure facility holding pre-trial detainees as well as male and female sentenced inmates. The Jail receives new detainees directly from the O’Brien County Sheriff’s Office as well as Police Departments from Hartley, Sheldon, Sanborn, Paullina, and Sutherland and the State Patrol. The Jail is also able to hold detainees from surrounding counties, State of Iowa and Federal Inmates. In the general population area of the Jail there are 4 separate pods. 2 of the pods can hold 8 detainees the largest pod holds 24. There is an administrative control pod which hold 2 detainees. The smallest pod is designated for Juveniles which can hold 2.

Contact the Jail:
(712) 957- JAIL – (712) 957- 5245


Thomas Raymond, Lieutenant, Jail Supervisor – Serving Since – 1998

Barb Jacobsma, Sergeant, Jail Officer – Serving Since – 2007

Joseph Johnson, Jail Officer – Serving since – 2008

Kyle Fischer, Jail Officer – Serving since – 2014

Matt Stubbe, Jail Officer – Serving Since – 2015

Ashley Brown, Jail Officer – Serving Since – 2017

Mitchell Edwards, Jail Officer – Serving Since – 2018

Ryan Harper, Jail Officer – Serving Since – 2018

Bryce Fiddelke, Jail Officer – Serving Since – 2019

Brad Meendering, Jail Officer – Serving Since – 2022

Kris VanderBush, Jail Officer – Serving Since 2023

Food Services

Sharon Steinbeck, Head Cook – Serving Since – 2008
Karen Postma, Cook – Serving Since – 2023

The Food Services Section reports to the Jail Division. Food Services staff prepare the meals seven days a week all year long.

The Staff is tasked with planning and preparing varied types of meals based upon religion, health needs and dietetic recommendations. This is provided for all inmates both pre-trial and convicted persons. In a years time the meal counts can exceed 36,000 meals.